Interacting Particle Systems and Percolation

October 27th – 31th, 2008

Institut Henri Poincaré, Centre Émile Borel

11, rue Pierre et Marie Curie, 75005 Paris, France

This will be the second workshop of the semester Interacting Particle Systems, Statistical Mechanics and Probability Theory, at IHP.

Interacting particle systems describe the behavior of systems with many components spatially localized, interacting with random local rules. The collective behavior of those processes is of great interest, as well as the stationary regime and the way the systems approach equilibrium. In this workshop will be discussed important issues like the hydrodynamic limits, large deviations, phase transitions, metastability, etc. Special emphasis will be put in the asymmetric exclusion process and related growth processes, which present non trivial non-diffusive limits.

The workshop will consist on 22 conferences of 50 mn given by experts on the area and informal discussions around open problems. It will include a poster session.

Notice that the mini-course by Yuval Peres (Seattle and Berkeley) will take place during that week.

Organizing Committee

Pablo Ferrari (Universidade de São Paulo), Ellen Saada (CNRS, LMRS, Rouen).

Advisory Committee

Francis Comets (Paris), Jozsef Fritz (Budapest), Geoffrey Grimmett (Cambridge), Frank den Hollander (Leiden), Claudio Landim (Rouen and Rio), Joel Lebowitz (Rutgers), Thomas Liggett (Los Angeles), Chuck Newman (New York), Stefano Olla (Paris), Errico Presutti (Rome), Herbert Spohn (Münich), Bálint Tóth (Budapest), S.R.S. Varadhan (New York), Maria Eulalia Vares (Rio de Janeiro).


Themes: Spatially extended systems with a large number of mutually interacting components. Anomalous fluctuations and phase transitions. Large time behavior of interacting particle systems. Non reversible models. Analysis of the stationary measures and relaxation process. The exclusion process: analysis of growth, combinatorial and queuing models. Long range models like the exclusion and sandpile models. Large deviations. Percolation. Metastability. Random walks on percolative structures. Ageing.


Talks by: Omer Angel (Toronto), Marton Balázs (Budapest), Gérard Ben Arous (New York), Rob van den Berg (Amsterdam), Alexei Borodin (Pasadena), Bernard Derrida (Paris), Deepak Dhar (Mumbai), Rick Durrett (Ithaca), Martin Evans (Edinburgh), Guy Fayolle (Rocquencourt), Patrik Ferrari (Berlin), Jozsef Fritz (Budapest), Claudio Landim (Rouen and Rio), Joel Lebowitz (Rutgers), Tom Liggett (Los Angeles), James Martin (Oxford), Chuck Newman (New York), Gunter Schütz (Jülich), Timo Seppäläinen (Madison), Sunder Sethuraman (Ames), Jeff Steif (Göteborg), Bálint Tóth (Budapest).

Posters by: Patricia Gonçalves (Minho), Júlia Komjáthy (Budapest), Fabio Machado (São Paulo), Iain MacPhee (Durham), Jose Carlos Simon de Miranda (São Paulo), Serguei Popov (São Paulo), Pablo Martín Rodríguez (São Paulo), Valentin Sisko (São Paulo), Jan Swart (Prague), Marina Vachkovskaia (Campinas).

[titles and abstracts]

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