Random media, phase transitions

and information theory

September 8th – 19th, 2008

Institut Henri Poincaré, Centre Émile Borel

11, rue Pierre et Marie Curie, 75005 Paris, France

This fall school will open the semester Interacting Particle Systems, Statistical Mechanics and Probability Theory, at IHP, to offer its participants a common basis of knwoledge.

The school will introduce to the 4 themes of the semester, that is: 1) Large time behavior of interacting particle systems; 2) Large deviations; 3) Phase transitions; 4) Disordered systems.

Organizing Committee

Roberto Fernández (Université de Rouen), Pablo Ferrari (Universidade de São Paulo), Fabio Martinelli (Università di Roma 3), Pierre Picco (CNRS, LATP, Marseille), Ellen Saada (CNRS, LMRS, Rouen).

Advisory Committee

Jean Bertoin (Paris), Erwin Bolthausen (Zürich), Geoffrey Grimmett (Cambridge), Frank den Hollander (Leiden), Michel Ledoux (Toulouse), Thomas Liggett (Los Angeles), Servet Martinez (Santiago), Andrea Montanari (Stanford), Errico Presutti (Rome), Herbert Spohn (Münich), Senya Shlosman (Marseille), Bálint Tóth (Budapest).


The school will consist in 5 mini-courses (from 4 to 6 hours each) in the mornings, and in talks of 45 mn during 2 hours in the afternoons, from 15h30 (to enable informal discussions in the beginning of afternoons). The shool will include a poster session. Wednesdays afternoons will be free.


Mini courses by: Erwin Bolthausen (Zürich), Aernout van Enter (Groningen), Olle Häggström (Göteborg), Servet Martinez (Santiago), Andrea Montanari (Stanford).

[titles and abstracts]

[Lecture notes by E. Bolthausen], [Lecture notes by A. Montanari]

Talks by: Enrique Andjel (Marseille), Amine Asselah (Paris), Christophe Bahadoran (Clermont-Ferrand), Raffaele Esposito (L'Aquila), Antonio Galves (São Paulo), Thierry Gobron (Cergy), Dima Ioffe (Haifa), Vlada Limic (Marseille), Kirone Mallick (Saclay), Rossana Marra (Roma), Pierre Mathieu (Marseille), Eugene Pechersky (Moscou), Christian Robert (Paris), Rinaldo Schinazi (Colorado Springs), Gordon Slade (Vancouver), Yvan Velenik (Genève).

Posters by: Paul Chleboun (Warwick), Alexsandro Gallo (São Paulo), Pablo Martin Rodriguez (São Paulo).

[titles and abstracts]

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