September 5th – December 19th, 2008

Institut Henri Poincaré, Centre Émile Borel

11, rue Pierre et Marie Curie, 75005 Paris, France

Spatially extended systems with a large number of mutually interacting components exhibit intriguing phenomena like anomalous fluctuations and phase transitions. These processes are analyzed by means of powerful probabilistic techniques.
The main goal of the semester is to gather together the most active researchers in this interdisciplinary area and offer to advanced students and to young researchers the opportunity to learn the most cutting edge ideas, techniques and results of such a lively area.

Organizing Committee

Roberto Fernández (Université de Rouen), Pablo Ferrari (Universidade de São Paulo), Fabio Martinelli (Università di Roma 3), Pierre Picco (CNRS, LATP, Marseille), Ellen Saada (CNRS, LMRS, Rouen).

Advisory Committee

Jean Bertoin (Paris), Erwin Bolthausen (Zürich), Geoffrey Grimmett (Cambridge), Frank den Hollander (Leiden and Eindhoven), Michel Ledoux (Toulouse), Thomas Liggett (Los Angeles), Servet Martinez (Santiago), Andrea Montanari (Stanford), Errico Presutti (Rome), Herbert Spohn (Münich), Senya Shlosman (Marseille), Bálint Tóth (Budapest).


Large time behavior of interacting particle systems: Entropy production and fluctuations outside equilibrium. Non reversible models. Analysis of the stationary measures. Analysis of the relaxation process. Around the exclusion process: analysis of growth, combinatorial or queuing models. Long range models like the exclusion and sandpile models. Biological applications: molecular motors. Hydrodynamical limit. Models of glassy dynamics.

Large deviations: Percolation. Metastability. Large deviations for models of non equilibrium statistical mechanics. Large deviations for Gibbsian fields: interfaces and surface phenomena. Variational problems from large deviations.

Phase transitions: Phase transitions for Gibbsian random fields. Gibbsianity and Feller property. Dynamical phase transitions. Phase transitions in satisfiability and reconstruction problems.

Disordered systems: Spin glass theory. Polymers and random walks in random environment. Random walks on percolative structures. Ageing. Random combinatorial problems.

Scheduled courses

Courses will range from doctoral level to advanced level.

Long courses by: Pablo Ferrari (São Paulo) and Ellen Saada (Rouen), Geoffrey Grimmett (Cambridge), Hermann Thorisson (Reykjavik).

Mini courses by: Jean Bertoin (Paris), Erwin Bolthausen (Zürich), Aernout van Enter (Groningen), Roberto Fernández (Rouen), Olle Häggström (Göteborg), Frank den Hollander (Leiden and Eindhoven), Fabio Martinelli (Roma), Servet Martinez (Santiago), Andrea Montanari (Stanford), Stefano Olla (Paris), Yuval Peres (Seattle and Berkeley), Frank Redig (Leiden), Fraydoun Rezakhanlou (Berkeley), Senya Shlosman (Marseille).

[titles and abstracts]

[Lecture notes by P. Ferrari],  [Lecture notes by G. Grimmett]

[Lecture notes by E. Bolthausen],  [Lecture notes by A. Montanari],  [Lecture notes by S. Olla]

[Lecture notes by R. Fernández: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, References],   [Lecture notes by F. Redig: Part 1, Part 2]

[Papers on metastability by F. den Hollander]


Fall school: Random media, phase transitions and information theory September 8th – 19th, 2008

Interacting particle systems and percolation October 27th – 31th, 2008

Statistical mechanics December 8th – 12th, 2008

Weekly schedule

[Fall school, 8 – 19 Sept. 08]

[22– 26 Sept. 08],   [29 Sept.– 3 Oct. 08],   [6 – 10 Oct. 08],   [13 – 17 Oct. 08],   [20 – 24 Oct. 08]

[Workshop, 27 – 31 Oct. 08]

[3– 7 Nov. 08],   [10 – 14 Nov. 08],   [17 – 21 Nov. 08],   [24 – 28 Nov. 08],   [1 – 5 Dec. 08]

[Workshop, 8 – 12 Dec. 08]

[15 – 19 Dec. 08]

And after... work achieved during the semester

Here are a [list] and [pictures] of participants to the semester, and a (partial) [list] of papers elaborated during the semester.

Those interested in participating in the program are invited to contact the Centre Emile Borel.
Participation of postdocs and PhD students is strongly encouraged.
Registration is free but mandatory, directly from the web site :

For further information, contact the manager of the Centre Emile Borel : Sylvie Lhermitte
Tel : (33/0)1 44 27 67 75      Fax : (33/0)1 44 07 09 37       e-mail

To receive updates of the scientific program of the session, send to
an e-mail containing the single word subscribe (in the message body).

PhD students or Post-docs in U.S.A. looking for financial support should send an application to Gerard Ben Arous with a copy to Mandy Trahan

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